Continued Professional Education/Development

ON 27/07/2015 11:07am


From 1 April 2015 Tennis South Africa instituted a system of Continuous Professional Education / Development (CPE/D) for all Licensed Play and Stay Trainers and Coaches. For 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 a Coach needs to accumulate 5 structured / formal and 5 unstructured / informal points.


Why and what does TSA hope to achieve by implementing this project?

You have all experienced that the world is changing at a rapid pace and chances are that the pace of change will accelerate. This trend also impacts on qualifications. Most professions have instituted CPE / D schemes in order to maintain and advance qualifications achieved. TSA is also involved through SASCOC, in the formation of a Coaches Commission that will oversee all forms of sports coaching in South Africa. The formation and powers of this Commission will be backed up legislation scheduled to be enacted by Parliament in 2016. The proposed legislation will contain provisions that will make CPE / D compulsory for all sports coaching. 


The CPE / D point’s structure seek to achieve the following:

Structured / Formal points

1. Encourage coaches to interact with each other, communicate, share knowledge and respect each other

2. Quantify contact learning hours

Unstructured / Informal points

1. Encourage self-reflection and learning

2. Participation in coaching administration and promotion

3. Create renewed energy and promotion of Tennis

4. Improve the standard of Tennis coaching


Logging of CPE / D points

1. All courses / workshops presented by TSA or its affiliate provincial coaches association / committee / commissions will automatically be logged

2. Any of the activities listed in the points schedule for CPE / D points that TSA will not necessary be aware of needs to be submitted to TSA via e-mail to