TSA Digital Platforms

ON 27/08/2015 07:08am

As you know different digital platforms work best when you get the right media onto them. At TSA we're always fine tuning what goes were to ensure our different audiences get the most from the content we distribute.


Our Facebook feed contains highlights and interesting Tennis info. Aside from that we also have two Facebook Tabs / Apps on the page. The one is a list of the latest SA Tennis Player World Rankings, and the other is a Results Page, where you can also submit results of a local torunament that we can highlight on the appropriate digital platform. Click here for our Facebook Page


Our Instagram Feed has a South Africa player focus, both local and international. It's where we highlight South African's playing tennis. Click here for our Instagram Feed


Our Twitter feed is our most diverse feed. From local and international tennis news, to hints, tip and tricks, to happenings and event. Click here for our Twitter Feed