ITF Men's Circuit

The ITF Men’s Circuit provides the entry level of Professional Tournaments enabling players to eventually reach the higher level tournaments on the ATP World Tour.

The ITF Men’s Circuit offers 600+ tournaments across 70+ countries and incorporates two prize money levels of tournaments known as 'Futures'.

Futures Tournaments are single week tournaments that offer either $15,000 or $25,000 each in prize money.

These tournaments must be scheduled in three consecutive weeks of $15,000 each in prize money or two consecutive weeks of $25,000 each in prize money.

ITF Women's Circuit

The ITF Women’s Circuit provides entry level tournaments enabling players to eventually reach the WTA Tour.

The ITF Women’s Circuit offers some 500+ tournaments in 60+ countries worldwide and currently has five prize money levels: US$15,000, US$25,000, US$60,000, US$80,000 and US$100,000.

Junior Exempt Project

(Girls: 1997-present)
(Boys: 2007-present)

The ITF Junior Exempt Project helps to integrate juniors into the ITF Pro Circuit.

At the year-end the top twenty players on the ITF Junior World Ranking list can select three events on the ITF Pro Circuit Calendar for the coming year where they will be given a place in the main draw of each event.

Grand Slam Development Fund

Some ITF Pro Circuit tournaments are aided by the Grand Slam Development Fund (GSDF).

This GSDF assists the lesser developed countries which helps the development of tennis in regions that without funding would not be able to be part of the ITF Pro Circuit.

The funding also helps to create more opportunities for players to play Professional Tennis both internationally and also within their own region.

Source: ITFTennis.com