During the course:

• Personal Attributes
• Playing ability assessment
• 2 Exams (1 x Written / 1 x Multiple Choice)
• Practical Mock Assessment (Group/Squad Live Ball & Individual)

Important to note:

• We recommend candidates to spend a minimum of 20 hours at a Gold certified Centre of Apprenticeship


1. Timeline for submission is 6 months after completing the TSA Advanced Instructor Course contact hours
2. Submit 2 x Group Lesson Tests (live ball/squad format)
It should be done via a video recording. Even Smartphone or iPhone will be in order, subject to:
  a. Full court being visible (from an elevated position).
  b. That the sound is clear on the video.
  c. That the timer is clearly displayed as the time allocated per assessment is 20 minutes.
  d. NB: Compress all Videos. Use Video Compress application or any other to compress.
3. Submit Annual Plan/Periodization Project. Coach selects a group of minimum 2, maximum 4 players (13 to 15 years old – top 20 in South Africa).
4. Assessments to be submitted AFTER completing the practical Annual Plan/Periodization project over 6 months.

Annual Plan/Periodization Project

1. Theoretical:
Include in your portfolio of evidence:
  • Create a player profile on each player (minimum 2): Reference ITF Advanced Coaches Manual pg. 212 to 215
  • Profile include 5 min video on each player in match/point situation at the start (week 1)
  • Profile includes: Technical, Tactical, Mental & Physical details
  • Annual Plan per player based on age, implementing LTPD principles. Competition and Training–detailed on TSA Annual plan template: Annual plan must address the areas identified in the profile
  • Summary per player: 500 words based on findings from week 1 to week 25 and again video of 5 min per player
  • Project should be finished with 2 complete profiles and be submitted upon completion.
2. Practical:
Include in your portfolio of evidence:
  • Minimum 20 session planners (pre-session): Group lessons (live ball/squads) as in course (with the players involved)
  • Minimum 10 session summaries (post session): Individual lessons (with some of these players) spread out over 25 weeks
  • Minimum 10 session summaries: Physical conditioning sessions – spread out over 25 weeks to show progression
  • Minimum 10 session summaries – psychology sessions – spread out over 25 weeks
  • Minimum 2 x Tournament Reports per player (from a tour) including number of matches – win/loss ratio etc.