During the course:

• Personal Attributes
• Playing ability assessment
• Written Exam (30 Point Multiple Choice)
• Practical Mock Assessment (Individual and Group Lessons)

1. Assessments to be submitted AFTER completing 80 practical hours at a TSA, Silver Level, Approved Centre of Apprenticeship
a. Arrive at the CAP with your file.
b. File should include: Completed session planners with different lessons (Themes), Blank session Planners, and Log-book/sheet & assessment sheet copies for feedback.
c. Be on time to assist with preparing the courts, nets, cones, etc.
2. Timeline for submission is 3 months after completing the TSA Instructor.
3. Complete Logbook with hours.
4. Complete Safeguarding of Athletes online course through ALG and attach certificate with assessment:
https://www.olympic.org/athlete365/courses/safeguarding-athletes-from-harassment-and-abuse/ (Please advise if you attended a CPD covering Child Protection)
5. Submit 2 x 20 min Individual Lessons.
6. Submit 2 X 20 min Group Lessons include 2 x Completed Session Planners. (Min 3 Players)
7. It should be done via a video recording. Even Smartphone or iPhone will be in order, subject to:
a. Full court being visible (from an elevated position).
b. That the sound is clear on the video.
c. That the timer is clearly displayed as the time allocated per assessment is 20 minutes.
8. Submit 1 x Periodisation Plan—Case study given at the course.
9. Compress all Videos. Use video compress application or any other to compress. Please make sure quality of video is good before sharing.