To register as a tennis coach complete the following:

1. TSA/Recognised Coaching Certification.
2. Police Clearance Report (No older than 6 months). Go to your nearest police station to process police clearance or make use of the HURU services available at certain Jetlines. Please contact TSA for the list of stores available. This service gives a report within 24-48 hours.
3. CPD Point Requirement. Each coach needs to fulfil the CPD Point Requirement. Please refer to the TSA Coaching Policy
4. Register on Sporty and Pay Registration fee.

Why should coaches have recognised qualifications and a valid license?
Tennis coaches in South Africa must have recognised qualifications and a valid license because, like any other profession, there are certain minimum standards that tennis coaches must be able to deliver and abide by – especially in terms of:
• Player development and safety
• Technical development
• Competition and planning Below are some examples of penalties/actions TSA can take against a coach who is not qualified and/or licensed, as well as the players the coach works, with or the School/Club at which the coach conducts his/her business:
• Tournament suspension
• League suspension
• Fine to coach
• Fine to School/Club Persons and or Institutions entering into user agreements with persons who intend to conduct tennis coaching on their facility should also be mindful that they do not fall foul of the Consumer Protection Act - by allowing unqualified and unlicensed coaches to coach tennis on a facility under their control.