1. How do I become a TSA member?
• You go to https://tsa.sportyhq.com/payment/enroll/organization/42 and then enter your details. 

2. What membership must I choose when I register?
• If you want to register for TSA tournaments (Gain ranking points) you select the Tournament player membership.
• If you only playing school leagues you select the Scholar membership.

3. How do I see how many points I received from a tournament?
• Please click on the link http://www.tennissa.co.za/w/play/tournaments/ranking-tables

4. How can I get my password reset?
• Put your email into the login block and then click reset password. See the below graphics for more info:

5. how do I enter a tournament?
• Click on the online tournament calendar, and then click sign up to enter the tournament

6. What does BS/BD/GS & GD mean on the entry page?
• BS stands for Boys Singles
• GS stands for Girls Singles
• BD stands for Boys Doubles
• GD stands for Girls Doubles.