Selection Criteria: 

The Selection Criteria Framework (SCF) is a TSA Board approved protocol that forms the basis of TSA junior team selections. To this end, all officially appointed selectors are compelled to sign and confirm their commitment and adherence to this framework. It is expected that amendments and improvements may be added to this SCF over time.

The TSA Board has approved some critical changes recommended by the HP Department on the Selection Criteria Framework Document (SCF) for Junior, National Team and HP Squad selections. It is important to familiarise oneself with the important amendments made to the SCF document regarding Nationals, ITF’s, Tournaments and the PPM.

National Junior Selectors: 

Tennis South Africa has confirmed its new panel of junior national selectors. The selectors are as follows: 

  • Jeanna Schmidt (Gauteng)
  • Terrey Schweitzer (Gauteng)
  • Letona Mokhitli (Western Cape)
  • Dewald Linde (Gauteng) 

The term of the new selection panel has begun and runs until the end of 30 September 2023. The selection panel will be convened by the TSA high-performance manager.

The selectors will be responsible for the selection of all TSA Junior National Teams (from U12 to U18) – as well as the Junior National Squads that will be announced at the end of the TSA Junior Masters in October of each year.

The four selectors are looking forward to their tenure:

Letona Makhitli: “It’s with big pleasure and honour having been selected as the national selector which comes with huge responsibilities of having to follow-up on juniors all over the country to be able to spot and choose best players and teams for National calls. Being a Selector, I would like to see us choose the best players and give them a better pathway through their tennis development”

Dewald Linde: "As a junior, I loved competing, I loved playing tournaments, and I loved getting recognition by being selected for teams. TSA has come such a long way since then, introducing initiatives that were never around when I was a junior. I would like to take this opportunity to give back, and be part of those initiatives. To make a difference in the juniors of today's lives”

Terrey Schweitzer: “It’s a privilege and honour to be on the selectors’ panel once again, to draw from my past experiences in a meaningful way. I’m really excited about the changes on the SCF and PPM, that have been endorsed by TSA. These metrics will assist us greatly in making a positive impact on the selection process in an objective and transparent way.”

Jeanna Schmidt: “Being Selected by TSA is a privilege. Looking forward to work with such an amazing talented team to bring our best talent to compete”