The fact that wheelchair tennis integrates easily with the able-bodied game is certainly a plus. The only major difference in rules is that a wheelchair-bound player is granted two bounces of the ball, and able-bodied players only one, thus wheelchair tennis players can easily practice and play with their friends and family.

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If you are interested in learning the game, you should:

1. Contact Tennis South Africa

We can connect you to players and a programme in your area.

2. Contact your local club

You can join and play social tennis and leagues. If the courts are not accessible, please discuss with them possible ways of making these facilities accessible for you to play.

3. Coach in your area

A coach will help you reach your tennis goal, whether this may be becoming an internationally ranked player or just an able social player. Tennis South Africa can connect you with a coach within our national network or can upskill your local coach to be able to mentor wheelchair players.

4. Get a sports chair

As soon as you have located a local centre and have registered with Tennis South Africa, your coach will ensure that you have access to a sport chair during training sessions.